• Dev Diary: Harbour Mini Event 2019

    Dear Adventurers,

    We are bringing a new building into the game: The Harbour! You can use it to help some of your Settlers to emigrate to Tavos, an archipelago, and home of the new «The Settlers».

    Find all of the details in the new Dev Diary, and here are the highlights:

    • New Building: The Harbour
    • New Mini-Event: The Harbour Mini-Event
    • Island adjustments: More destroyable Mountains
    • New Adventure: Split City in Fall
    • Limitations: Changes to the Limitations of Halloween Specialists

    Happy Settling!

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  • Change log 20.11.2019

    Dear Settlers,

    This game update includes a brand new coop adventure and more destroyable mountains for more building space!

    Read more about the upcoming version in our Change Log.

    Happy settling,

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  • [Diary Studies] We want YOU!

    Dear Settlers,

    We are excited to announce that it is time for the first Diary Study for the upcoming «The Settlers» game! Apply now and get a chance to play the game before others!

    The Settlers - Diary Study

    Head to the community platform «The Settlers Alliance» now to find out all the details! 

    Happy Settling,
    Your BB_Team

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